Minimalist Approach to Organizing Your Closet –

Minimalist Approach to Organizing Your Closet


In the world of interior design, less is always more. If you’ve been thinking about reducing clutter, your closet is a great place to start. Donating unused clothing to discount resale shops provides for your local community, and it’s also eco-friendly. Dwindling down your wardrobe creates a minimalist closet space, our friends at Modernize know just how to make that work. See below for their best tips!

1. Cut Back On Clutter
To achieve a minimalist aesthetic in your closet, you will probably have to sort through your current wardrobe and donate some items. Try to reduce your collection to just the basics. You’ll need a few staple pieces, which will vary depending on your profession. If the dress code is business-casual at work, keep a few pairs of slacks, some skirts and versatile blouses. If you love to go out on the weekends, hang onto a few pairs of jeans, some T-shirts and your favorite sundresses. Keep one or two pairs of shoes for every season, which might include boots, sandals, pumps and flats.

You can layer different items to create new ensembles, which keeps your fashion style innovative and interesting. Add fun pops of color through handbags, simple jewelry, blouses or shoes.

Once you’ve narrowed down your collection, invest in uniform, quality hangers. Wooden hangers with non-slip material will grip your blouses and camisoles, so you don’t have to deal with a tangled mess in the morning. Sort your wardrobe by outfits for the week, or sort by usage. For example, we like to group work blouses together, followed by slacks, then casual items like jeans and T-shirts.


2. Organize Your Wardrobe
The key to establishing a minimalist aesthetic is superior organization. Clutter creates a frenzied, crowded feeling in any room, so eliminate the extra noise by installing simple shelving. You can purchase or DIY shoe racks to display your shoe collection properly, which will you to choose your shoes quickly when you’re rushing out the door.

Store handbags on the top shelf, above your hanger rack. You can also purchase or sew canvas storage bins. These are great for belts and small purses. The clean lines of the bins will keep your closet looking sleek and organized.

Scarves are best displayed on hanging racks or special scarf hangers that store several at once. Bright colors are great, so refresh your paint with a new white coat, or try something fun and vibrant.


3. DIY A Closet in Any Space
If you’re in a studio apartment or a small home, you may not have closet space at all. That’s okay! Since your wardrobe has been paired down, you can actually create a clean-cut closet space in any room.

Just install a bar between two walls, where you can hang blouses, pants and dresses. Add a shelf above for handbags and canvas or wicker storage bins. You can then add shoe racks beneath, and voila! You have an exposed closet with a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. For extra storage, position dressers beneath your hanging rack.


4. Tie it All Together
Minimalist decor is understated and simple, so tie in your accents with a common color theme. We love to design minimalist rooms in grayscale and add accent colors, like cobalt, violet and crimson. You can achieve this through fun hanger colors, eco-friendly wall paint, hardware and even your own clothing. You can also go bold and incorporate fun, vibrant hues all around!

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