4 Irresistible Minimalist Necklace Trends


”Less is more” has never been so trendy. Bold, chunky statement pieces are slowly being replaced by delicate and dainty accessories. From light and loose chains to thin velvet chokers, the ever-growing trend in jewelry is now without a doubt minimalist necklaces. Layering these necklaces makes for a subtle and modern vamp to any outfit. Try paring this look with a simple white blouse and jeans in order to really rock the minimalist look. On that note, here are the top 4 types of minimalist necklace looks.

Layering chains of different lenghts is key to the minimalist necklace look. Thin chains, gold chains, silver chains, long chains, short chains … you name it!


Photo: Pinterest


Little black choker
This trend has been blowing up on Instagram eveywhere. It is not to be mistaken with the classic 90s grunge thinly wired black chocker.

Geometrical shapes
From a simple rectangle bar to a small triangle pendant, nothing says modern minimalism quite as well as geometrical details.


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Marble seems to have escaped the kitchen, and now rests beautifully as a pendant on our chest. Its sleek and cool look is perfect for a minimalist necklace.


Photo: Pinterest

What do you think about these new trends?

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