#MommyTalk: I Have a New Job


It’s finally here. I can’t avoid the inevitable and I now have a new job, a new task to add to my to-do list that has been constantly growing since the day I gave birth: I’m now a taxi driver.

As I am writing this, I am crying of laughter. For years I made fun of my friends who were taxi drivers many times a week, or day. I told myself: I never want to do this! No way! Ha ha ha! Surprise Jaime!

Ever since my daughter started high school, her friend group and her social life has been growing. And I find myself driving her here and there. Everything started without me even noticing. Life is pretty clever, right? The first time it happened, I was happy and excited to bring her to her destination. And then there was a second and third time… And that’s when I realize that slowly but surely, I became a taxi mom.


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I have to admit that I’m slowly getting used to this change in my life. We are parents who would call ourselves #TeamAtHome. Although we love travelling, doing activities and being on the go, we love it as much as staying home. Other than swimming classes, my kids have rarely been enrolled in any classes during the weekends. It’s a personal choice that our household has made. Therefore, the here-and-there taxi life is all new to me!

I even frustrated myself. I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but it’s in my nature to keep things real. It was a Sunday afternoon and a friend had invited my daughter over for the afternoon. My husband was sleeping (he was sick) and I was wearing pyjamas. Comfortable at home. I was waiting for my soup to be ready so I could eat it while watching Netflix. Did I want to bring my daughter to her friend’s house? Not at all. So I started getting frustrated, and became negative. Guess what… I had the guts to go ask my daughter to ask her dad to bring her to her friend’s house! I’m ashamed of myself. Mea culpa.

I ended up putting my ego aside and thought this through. I realized that I felt horrible for having this selfish and negative moment. I remembered that my time here isn’t forever and that instead of complaining, I should look at the bright side of this new job. I get to spend time with my daughter. We talk about anything and nothing, or we sing our lungs out in the car. We get to be together. I get to learn a little bit more about her friends. I get to be there for her.

One day -and I need to stop thinking about this or else I’ll start crying- she won’t need me as much. But I get over this thought by thinking that no matter where they are, how old they get, I will always be their mother.

It won’t be: “Mom, can you give me a ride to my friend’s house?” anymore. It will be: “Mom, can I borrow the car?” instead. I will be able to add realtor on my CV. 😉

Hahahaha! Bring on the jobs!!!!

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