Montreal ComicCon: 5 Things We Learned From the Hayley Atwell Q&A –

Montreal ComicCon: 5 Things We Learned From the Hayley Atwell Q&A


What Peggy Carter herself had to say…
As mega-fans of the television series Agent Carter, we were excited when this past weekend’s ComicCon in Montreal included the show’s star herself, Hayley Atwell. And given that fans came out in droves (including young girls looking up to the 33-year-old British-American actress), it’s certain that the tale of a female double-agent in 1946 has resonated with viewers. We attended her crowded panel on Sunday afternoon, and this is what we took away from her fun and fascinating Q&A session.


1. She’s accident-prone.
The actress performs most of her own stunts on Agent Carter, but she did admit during the panel that she has “lots of confidence” but lacks in any actual skill. Therefore, “lots of stuntmen [have been] hurt in the making of the show.”

2. She admits Chris Evans is a good kisser.
When asked whether Eddie Redmayne (her co-star in Pillars of the Earth) or Chris Evans (her love interest in Captain America) was the better kisser, she went with the latter. This is mainly because during her love scene with Redmayne, he had a fake tan on, which kept dripping on her during filming. (Definitely not conducive to any sexiness!) As for Evans: “He smells good, too!”

3. She thinks it’s “about time” there’s a character like Peggy Carter on TV.
With female leads not well-represented on the small screen, Atwell believes that it’s “the beginning of a quiet revolution, a Golden Age of television.” She admits that Marvel “took a huge risk” giving Peggy Carter her own series, since she “didn’t have a lot of screen time in Captain America,” but that it’s now “time to give the audience exactly what they want.”

4. She takes her position as a role model very seriously.
When she started out on Agent Carter, she “didn’t set out to make a feminist or a political point.” But after meeting with many young fans, both girls and boys, “it’s given my work a lot more meaning. I [now] have a responsibility to a younger crowd.”

5. She spends time in the Agent Carter writers’ room.
Atwell has definitely had “a say in the formation of the character”, by sitting in with the writing staff and “being able to collaborate with them”. However, her thoughts on who Peggy is and what she wants to see aren’t only her own; by interacting with viewers (at events like ComicCon) she is able to pass along their thoughts to the writers, “speaking for the fans,” as well.

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