Mother’s Day: Shopping Spree at the Premium Outlets Montreal!


Mother’s day only comes once a year. Do you usually take your mom to a fancy restaurant, tulips in hand? Are you tired of the routine? Or maybe a spa day? So 2013. How about a little something different this year! Here in the office, we’ve decided to organize a shopping spree with our moms. Destination: the superb Premium Outlets Montreal. There’s everything there! Here is our perfect itinerary, you can use it as a guide to organize YOUR perfect Mother’s Day for your perfect mom!


First Stop: Signature Perfume

Who doesn’t love getting new perfumes every once in a while? Your mother will surely like this first destination. Signature Perfume is the perfect place to start off the day. Let your mom wander around, admire the bottles and try out high-end perfumes! This shopping day is pretty fun so far, right?



Second stop: Crabtree and Evelyn

From fragrances to skincare, this place is pretty great! Bring your mommy to Crabtree and Evelyn and try out some girly lavender-scented products or rose water creams. Or maybe she likes lemon and coriander scents? Either way, you will find lotions, hand creams and even scented-candles for the house. Pa-ra-dise!


Third stop: Rudsak

After two beauty stops, let’s move on to more serious shopping: finding the perfect accessory for mom. Does she need a new bag, new gloves, or a new statement leather jacket? Who’s better than Rudsak for all of this? Good quality and trendy products, mom will definitely love it!


Fourth stop: Presse Café

After a productive morning, you deserve a little treat. If you’re starting to feel hungry, go grab some lunch at Presse Café! Talking about yourselves over a good soup and a delicious sandwich in a cozy atmosphere. So, mom, how are you liking this shopping spree?


Last stop: Lindt

This place is a definite stop on our list. Chocoholics paradise, it exists, and it’s here. Let mom try out a few different flavours of delectable chocolates, and we’ll guarantee you she’ll be oh-so-happy! While she fills up her personalized chocolate bag, you can take some time off and find a few goodies for yourself A gift from you, to you!

*This content has been made possible thanks to Premium Outlets Montreal.

The Montreal Premium Outlets are filled with wonderful adresses for you to discover – or to make someone discover. This season, participate in our contest for a chance of winning a perfect mother-daughter date. A $350 Premium Outlets Montreal gift card will be offered to the winner of the contest ($100 at Crabtree and Evelyn, $200 at Rudsak, $25 at Presse Cafe and $25 at Lindt). You also get a perfume of your choice at Signature Perfume ($150 in value)! To participate, tell us which boutique you’d like to visit with your mother by commenting down below. You have until May 6 to participate. Good luck!


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