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How to rock short hair this spring
As you well know, spring and renewal go hand-in-hand. ‘Tis the season we yearn for a shorter ‘do, and just like nature, to start anew.  Lucky for me, Denis Binet, Pantene Pro-V and Clairol consultant, recently quenched my thirst for change with a new haircut. Question is: will he convince you to chop it all off, too?

You must know that had Binet told me he was going to cut my hair this short, I wouldn’t have so easily given him carte blanche. Since he works closely with P&G, we’ve spoken on many occasions and more than once, he’d mentioned to me that I shouldn’t let my hair cover up my rather narrow forehead in order to better show my face. When he did the deed, I was most surprised by the transformation. I’ll never doubt you again, Denis! He also explained to me that he believes we should “regularly break with the past by cutting our hair to better live in the present. Let’s not forget, everything is temporary, and everything grows back.” I believe that more and more since I made the leap. Getting a new haircut feels so good.According to Binet, modernizing our hairdo starts with, first and foremost, “accepting what Mother Nature gave you, hair-wise” It’s as simple as that! When a cut is thoughtfully executed, it’s no surprise we can’t help but stick with it… until the next time!On the day of my transformation, I was also treated to a dye job, a really affordable one, not at the hairdresser but at the pharmacy with a little box marked Clairol.  “When we first colour our hair, it’s better to lighten our mane by one shade or darken it by one to two shades for optimal results, all the while respecting our skin colour.” With this advice in hand, I jumped right in!And just like that, my face was finally freed from the heaviness of my thick mane without the latter losing its style. My hair is now easier to comb (I air dry it, combing it with my fingers using Pantene’s styling balm to give it texture.) The colour containing discreet red highlights also gave my hair a healthy dose of shine.

And looks like I’m not the only one to have succumbed to their hair desires…

      In mid-March, the gorgeous Jessica Alba when short. (photo: Instagram)
And a bit earlier, as the world knows, Kim Kardashian fulfilled her blond ambition. (photo: Instagram).

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