New Fragrances: The Smell of Summer –

New Fragrances: The Smell of Summer

Travel for your senses
If only technology allowed us to give you a whiff of what’s in this article! We got particularly excited while preparing our seasonal roundup of fragrances this time around. Yes, we were left aching to go lie down on a beach somewhere. And yes, we may have been imagining ourselves sipping cocktails and devouring exotic fruit. Let’s see if these scents leave you itching to travel, too!

Hot, hot, hot
Hot sun, burning sand and golden skin (our idea of ecstasy): that’s what one whiff of this fragrance conjures up. A new Estée Lauder creation that takes you to the beach with its creamy notes of golden amber combined with coco milk extract, sandalwood and vanilla. So warm and sensual, your skin will just long for it.Estée Lauder Limited Edition Bronze Goddess Body Splash, $68 (100mL).


A combination of bergamot, pink pepper, and lemon introduces this fragrance, which smells fresh as summer. Then, when you wear it, you can almost hear the waves crashing, and even feel your feet buried in the sand. Almost! Ylang-ylang and coconut milk within its heart notes soothe your spirit, invoking the best memories from your last vacation.

Maison Martin Margiela Beach Walk, XX for (XXmL).


Where the birds sing
Happiness in a bottle. Lively and colourful, this eau de parfum is a slice of paradise. Its juice reveals a strong fruity side with scents of watermelon, green apple and guava. It also recalls Piña Colada, with its omnipresent pineapple and coconut milk notes. Let it guide you to a place where clear blue water and coloured petals abound.

Escada Born in Paradise Eau de toilette, $62 (50mL) or $82 (100mL) in pharmacies and mass retailers.


Delicious nature
Here, the fragrance draws upon your love of flavours. Ginger, lychee flower, pomegranate and mandarin—a mix of scents that really dazzles the senses. Both fruity and floral, it was inspired by the luxurious Zanzibar Archipelago to offer you a concentrated dose of nature. Ginger lovers: you’ll be delighted to discover the scents of its flower and its candied version within the fragrance.

Roger & Gallet Eau fraîche Gingembre Rouge, $41 (100mL) at Hudson’s Bay, Jean Coutu and Ogilvy.


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