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New in Beauty: Cleansing Brushes


4 options to consider
A quality cleansing brush can work miracles on your skin’s texture and glow, divinista’s honour. To our delight, fall has ushered in several new offerings in just that department. We tried out four different brushes, just for you. Here’s why we like, er, love (!) them.

Name: Purifying Cleansing Brush

It’s important to look at the brush head. The green, angled bristles are meant for your T-Zone, an area that produces a lot of sebum: shorter and stiffer than the rest, they easily free up your pores. Lower on the brush head, you’ll find softer, white bristles, which are designed for the rest of your face. The brush was made so that the appropriate bristles are solicited depending on which part of your face it touches, making it really simply to use. And because it uses sonic technology, it cleanses gently and effectively.

Available at Clinique counters.
Name: PureRadiance
Brand: Philips
Price: $149.99

The brand’s sonic toothbrushes remain unbeaten in our “testing lab”, so we had high expectations for this cleansing system. Whereas the model mentioned above offers two separate zones, this one comes with two different speeds. And on top of vibrating, it also rotates; and despite all this movement, it remains surprisingly gentle. The brush head is chosen depending on your skin type (normal, sensitive, or oily). What really made this option stand out when we tried it was its elongated shape, which makes it just as easy to use as our dear friend, the toothbrush.

Name: LUNA Mini
Brand: Foreo
Price: $159

Yes, it’s particularly good-looking. But when we compliment its design, we’re not only talking about its round shape and bright hue. We like that it’s compact, and we love that it’s versatile. It doesn’t have bristles: rather, it’s composed of soft silicone touch points suitable for three zones. On one side, the points are thicker in order to provide a deeper cleanse, which is ideal for oily zones. The thinner points are perfect for areas where the skin is particularly sensitive or dry. The best part? There is no brush head to change, so you end up saving $30 every three months!

Available at Sephora.
Name: Aria Opulence
Brand: Clarisonic
Price: $230

And of course, it’s impossible to bring up the topic of cleansing brushes without mentioning Clarisonic, a pioneer in the field. Know that its latest offering is all about colour. The brand’s new collection is called Opulence, and offers the Aria model in gold and silver: the same effectiveness we’ve come to expect from the brand, in a package that couldn’t be more… opulent. Get one while they’re still in stock!

Available for a limited time in stores, and online.

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