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Out with laser treatments, in with topical creams!
Hair: some like to show a bit of it, while others prefer a more natural look. But what most women tend to want is to eliminate any sign of body hair altogether. Although trends used to favour more prominent hairiness—let us recall the ‘70s—a Brazilian wave overcame us in the 2000s, which was marked by a boom in hair removal. This helped put electrolysis, waxing and laser treatments on the map. And then, we started noticing certain celebs with hairy underarms and legs again… Will the hairy trend stand the test of time? Fashionable or not, the hair removal industry and its derivatives will always continue evolving.

The skincare market now welcomes new offerings in terms of hair removal creams with long-term effects. We wanted to find out more on these miracle creams, so we had a chat with Institut Esthederm Vice President and General Manager, David Durand. We also tried out two different product lines on the market in order to shed even more light on the matter.
Topical creams that stunt hair growth: where did the idea come from?
“We listen to the demands of our aesthetic partners—aestheticians and aesthetic doctors—who expressed their patients’ needs in terms of treatments that slow hair regrowth and maintain a perfect aesthetic result, whether after a classic wax, but also after laser treatments and the like. This targets known areas like the legs and underarms, but also the face, and more specifically the moustache area […].”

How much time is needed for the creams to yield satisfying results?
“For our products, the results are quick and visible after 15 days applying only once a day. The more often you use the product, the more the results improve and the longer they last.”

Do the vegetable enzymes contained offer long-term results?
“As for the DEFEPIL patent, it slows hair regrowth. It combines a vegetable enzyme with vitamin F. This patented complex can inhibit certain essential fatty acids in order to deprive the hair of its essential food when it grows back. Hence, day after day, less and less hair grows back, leaving the skin soft and making hair removal less necessary. The complex also affects subcutaneous hair, which it progressively eliminates.”

Can there be contraindications (allergies, pregnancy, etc.)?
“No, there are no contraindications. However, just as with any product in general, we recommend that pregnant women seek a health professional’s opinion before using it.”

Our picks:

The Institut Esthederm DEFEPIL line, available online and in salons:
Face Cream: $29
Deodorant: $29
Body Milk: $39
Concentrated Spray: $59

For whom? For everyone! Also for those who have excessive hairiness or very dense hair.
We like: The fact that all the products work on improving skin quality and reducing hair. We love the body milk, which works as both a moisturizer and a treatment.
Our verdict: We noticed results after just a few days of using the collection. We’ll probably even buy another tube to get the most out of the treatment! Beware, though: it’s not a miracle product, but you’ll see results if you make an effort to use it regularly.

The Inhibitif line, available online and at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix.
Advanced Hair-Free Body Serum, $19.99
Advanced Hair-Free Body Mist, $23.99
Hair-Free Body Hydrator, $15.99
Hair-Free Deodorant, $9.99
And more

For whom? For the more diligent ladies!
We like: The inexpensive price of these products, as well as the variety of the collection. There are different products depending on your taste.
Our verdict: The results take longer to notice. The instructions say to apply the products a minimum of twice a day, and you really need to commit to it. Since these products are an added step to your regular routine, we recommend being persistent and patient for optimal results.

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