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3 essentials to eat and drink happy!

We love updating our home, whether it’s the living room or the bedroom; a new accessory or toy can make all the difference in our enjoyment of the space. And even in the kitchen, when a new gadget comes to our attention, we can’t wait to play with it and see what it can offer on the food front. Here, we tried out three new finds from some of our favourite brands, and our sharing them with you today.

For the healthy eater: Philips Airfryer

What it is: A compact convection cooking appliance that cooks foods with little-to-no oil, thanks to Rapid Air Technology that circulates hot air, as well as a unique starfish design that facilitates this circulation, ensuring even cooking.
Why we love it: Simply because it works. Sometimes, gadgets like these sound too good to be true, but in the case of the Airfryer, it truly delivered. We cooked French fries, which is what it’s known for, as well as sausages, to great acclaim. The machine fries, grills, steams and bakes, so its cooking possibilities are practically endless.

Of note: Naturally, given its size, the Airfryer can produce one or two servings at a time; for a larger dinner party, food needs to be cooked in batches. (Or, preferably, in your regular oven.) Also, be sure to never crowd the reservoir so that the food can cook evenly.

$249.99 in most mass retailers.

For the time-strapped chef: T-fal Fresh ExpressWhat it is: A small but powerful chopper that slices, shreds and grates quickly, with five cones that can be stored easily with the machines for maximum compactness.

Why we love it: Given that slicing and shredding is often a lengthy process, anything that can simplify the task of prepping our vegetables for that night’s dinner is much appreciated. The machine boasts a feed tube, wherein you can push the veggies, fruits and even cheeses, cutting them up way faster than you would manually.

Of note: The machine is a bit loud, but no louder than any other electric chopper or food processor. This isn’t a hindrance; given that it cuts up our veggies in a fraction of the time it takes by hand, we’ll gladly take the little bit of noise.

$99.99 at Canadian Tire, Walmart, Hudson’s Bay, and Target.

For the coffee aficionado:Nespresso VertuoLine

What it is: The latest machine from the coffee powerhouse uses Automatic Blend Recognition that scans a barcode underneath the rim of each capsule, ensuring the perfect cup of coffee or espresso every time.
Why we love it: It’s hard to resist any of Nespresso’s one-touch coffee machines, but VertuoLine goes above the rest, in that it produces a rich crema, elevating our coffee experience to a whole other level.

Of note:
The capsules for the VertuoLine are different than the regular capsules used in other Nespresso machines. So if you have a slew of old capsules that you were hoping to just use here, you’re out of luck. (Fret not: we’re sure some of your other Nespresso-loving friends will happily take them off your hands!)
$299 at Nespresso boutiques, Hudson’s Bay, and Home Outfitters / Déco Découverte.

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