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12 New Moms to Follow on Instagram


Motherhood is an incredible experience, but sometimes, we lose inspiration and ideas for other areas of our life. In the past years, many influencers have become moms or were already embracing it. They are here to advise you, inspire you, and show you that you are not alone.

Take a look at our favorite inspiring Instagram moms, and two moms-to-be!

1.Chloe Dumont

Chloe is the mom of Abigaelle, who is almost 5 months old. She is a blogger and a youtuber, known under the name of The Fashion Red Fox, alluding to her red hair — quirky! Chloe is there to show us what it is really like to be a mom with her hashtag #LaVraieVie. Her honesty is refreshing, and we love to laugh along with her, especially when she reminds us that things often don’t really go the way we plan them — because that’s exactly how real life is.

2.Valerie C.B.

Valerie is mom to the adorable Chloe and Emma. This young mom is from Quebec city  and is also the co-founder of the Citadines magazine. Follow her to see her magnificent moments shared with her daughters.

3.Roosa-Karoliina Maunula

Roosa-Karoliina is finnish and is now living in Montreal. She’s the mom of Madeleine, an adorable 3-months old. She’s a stylist and a TV host for the series ‘Switch tes fripes’, which you can catch the channel Vrak Tv.

4.Eve Mayrand

Eve is an ex TV host and a blogger from Montreal who is now living in Toronto. She documents her life on her blog, Everyday Eve, and is mom to Cloe and Elliot. She loves creating photo edits of her kids — who are so cute and entertaining.

5.Rosalie Frechette Lambert

Rosalie is the mother of 11-months old Aude. This young 22 year old mother resides in Quebec city. Aude is a little fashionista and her mother absolutely loves to document everything about her.

6.Annie-Pier Labbe

Annie-Pier is a blogger and a new mom living in Quebec City. Mother to little Louis who is almost 8 months old, Annie-Pier documents her days spent with her equally fashionable son.


Une publication partagée par Emilie (@une_maman_louve) le 

Emilie, or ‘Une Maman Louve’, if you prefer, is the mom of two little girls named Louise and Suzanne Marie. We can see that her girls are precious to her eyes, just from her gorgeous Instagram feed.

8.Ana-Maria Klizs

Ana-Maria is from Romania and has lived in Canada since she was 8. She is a blogger, and her blog Bluebirdkisses was created after the birth of her first son. Mother of three boys, Johannes, Magnus and Henrik, her instagram feed shows us her everyday life with her sons and the love she has for them.

9.Shannae Ingleton Smith

Shannae, better known under the name TorontoShay, is a blogger and media professional. Shay is the mother of little Kensie, and is a total fashion inspiration. Her Instagram feed is full of fashionable looks — and family photos of course.


Sina is the mother of Isabelle and Nicolas. Her mission? Spreading hapiness one picture at a time — and she’s pretty successful at it. Her family pictures are both funny and really pretty, with everyone playing their roles perfectly. Her blog HappyGreyLucky recounts her motherhood experience and her love for minimal and simple places like those at IKEA.

Bonus! Congrats to these two future moms!

11.Alexandra Larouche

Alexandra is beauty youtuber who loves sharing bits and pieces of her life on her Youtube channel and on her Instagram. She announced that she was pregnant on her Youtube channel and is since then sharing with us some pictures and vlogs documenting her pregnancy.

12.Sophie Montminy

Une publication partagée par Sophie Montminy (@sofym) le 

Sophie is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle youtuber, who has let us in her world since the beginning of her pregnancy. She shares pregnancy advice, especially fashion ones, because she knows how hard it is to dress yourself when you’re pregnant without neglecting your sense of style.

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