Nightly Routine to Unwind


Girl holding cup of hot tea and reading in bed. Around her in bad earphones, book, smart phone. Decorative lights in background.A night routine can be something to follow so that you can use your evenings to wind down and relax, instead of feeling stressed.

Leave your work at work

In a perfect world, we’d all leave work at 5:00 pm and get to spend 6 hours enjoying our evenings. That might not be the case for some. Regardless of when you leave, blurring the line between work and relaxation is a definite cause for anxiety. Try to create blocks of time in the morning which are just for work and in the evening which are just for you.

Eat early

Eating early will give you time to digest your food, so that you won’t be extremely full before hopping into bed. In addition, eating a light dinner is better than eating a heavy meal. Have you ever tried to relax with a big bowl of pasta in your tummy? Not easy.

Make lists

Whether at work or at home, making lists is a surefire way to help you organize yourself. Especially after work, making a list helps you mark down what important tasks you have to do and helps clear your brain for the following day.

Phone or no phone

About 1-2 hours before sleeping, you should stay away from your phone, as it could ruin your sleep. Set an alarm and put your phone on airplane mode. You’ll be so happy you did!


Whether its meditation, stretching, yoga, or even a walk, giving some much needed headspace to clear your mind will really help with relaxation and you’ll enjoy your night a lot more.

Bedtime and clothing prep

Most of us just jump into bed late and hit the light, or scroll on our screens for a few hours. But what really helps is spending an hour in bed, drinking tea, reading a book and really taking it easy. Also, set out what you’re going to wear for the next day so it’s one less thing on your mind.

Now you’ll be well rested, less stressed, and prepared for the morning ahead.

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