No Pool? No Problem! Use These Fun Water Games With Your Kids This Summer!


This summer has been very hot, and if you don’t have a pool at home, you might need to use some creativity to help you kids beat the heat! Here are some simple ideas you can use at home or in the park. Have fun!

The Liquid Limbo

Use the stream from a water hose to create a line to be used during a game of limbo. We bet nobody will want to win this one!

Bath Time in the Backyard

If bath time isn’t always easy in the house, why not turn this chore into a fun time by filling up a kiddie pool with water and having your kids play a bit before putting the pajamas on. They will never say no to a bath for the rest of the season!

Water Guns

An easy and very affordable way to play with water during a heat wave! Change things up by adding different components to the game, like the playing tag.

Which of these games do you like the best? Answer below our Facebook post for a chance to win a Toys’-R-Us prize pack!

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