Note from the Editor: Hello September! –

Note from the Editor: Hello September!


September has a very special place in the hearts of many people. Some are really into fall fashion, while others are excited for the kids to go back to school. I have to confess, it is sometimes hard for me to see the summer come to an end, but every year I am surprised at how much I enjoy September.  It seems to fly by so quickly!

We have already prepared a lot of planning and organizing tips for you for this month, and we are eager to present you with the new fashion and beauty trends for fall. It is also Fashion Week season! All eyes will be on Instagram as we get inspired by bloggers all over the world to as warmer clothes come back this season.

Stay tuned for more exciting contests with brands that we love – and we know you do too – and do not forget to leave a comment below telling us what you’d like to read or see on this fall.

Happy Back-To-School divinistas!

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