Nuts and Grains: Nutritional Comparison


Nuts and grains: they certainly have nutritional benefits that add to any menu. Before that, however, you need to know which to choose and why. We compared the main nutritional characteristics of almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, pecans and pumpkin seeds, so as to find out all they can offer*.

Most fat content Least fat content
Pecans (21.7g)
Pistachios (13.5g) and pumpkin seeds (6g)
Sweetest Least sweet
Cashews (9.8g) and pumpkin seeds (16.3g) Walnuts (4.1g)
 Most protein  Least protein
 Almonds (6.4g)  Pecans (2.7g)
Highest in fibre Lowest in fibre
 Almonds (3.5g)  Walnuts (2g)
 Most calories Fewest calories
 Pecans (207.6) Pistachios (168.4) et pumpkin seeds (135)


*These were calculated based on 30g portions. Source: Passeport santé (French only).

– Large portions, since nuts and grains are very high in fat for the most part;
-Those that are coated in sugar, yogourt or salt, as these chance their nutritional value significantly.

Healthy tips:
– Roasted soy beans can be eaten like nuts, but contain two to three times less fat and twice as much protein than other grain and nuts;
– It is preferable to buy nuts in their shell. Otherwise, they will go bad fast. Keep nuts and grains in the fridge in order for them to last longer.


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