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October’s Editorial : Let’s Take Care of Ourselves!


The most colourful month of the year is finally here! Apple picking, Sundays spent cooking and evenings near the fireplace are back. If October is one of the most beautiful month of the year, it is also the moment when viruses resurface and where our exposure to sunlight decreases. That why I want you to take care of yourself this month!

Personally, I am planning on reducing my travel (which means fewer events, and having conversations over the phone rather than the usual happy hour) in order to maximize my down time at home. I started drinking fresh mint tea (which replaces my evening glass of wine) and I plan to start more taking bubble baths at night to help me relax before going to sleep.

Beyond these small changes, think about taking supplements, going to bed early, and eating better in order to stay in shape and healthy!

October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is why we are sharing a shopping article to feature items for which the profits are partially donated to the Canadian Cancer Society and other organizations in the fight against the disease.

So take that blanket, your book, and enjoy this very relaxing month!

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