Office 101 : make work feel like home


Working from home is definitely a plus to many office jobs; however it is a privilege that not all get to experience. Yet, if you can bring work home, why can’t you bring home to work? Over the years, we’ve definitely learned how to make our work space feel like our chez-soi, from the little things such as office décor to building positive energy. Here are our tips on how to make work feel like home!

  1. Your coworkers can be your friends

You’re often told not to mix personal life and professional life, however that does not mean that you cannot consider your coworkers as friends! After all, they’re the ones who know what you go through the best, and they’re the ones you can get lunch with and talk during breaks. They’re not family, but close!

  1. Bring your own (favorite) lunch

There’s something about home-cooked meals that can’t be beaten by take-out, no matter how much you crave that next-door pizza or poke bowl! Prepare your favorite home-cooked meal the night before for a treat the next day.

  1. The home playlist

Listening to the music you listen to at home at work is a good way to feel familiar at the office, especially if it’s the soundtrack of your favorite TV show or movie. Spotify’s here for that!

  1. Use mugs not cups

This may sound ridiculous but it works! Drinking from a mug instead of buying coffee at the corner Starbucks every day not only saves money, but also gives you a feeling of being at home. Plus, you get to use adorable mugs – especially since it’s almost Christmas!

  1. Decorate, please!

Personalize your work space with adorable knick-knacks or photos of your loved ones, there’s nothing worse than an empty work desk. Again, with the Holidays coming soon, stores all full of disposable and inexpensive décor for the season. Have fun with that!

If you’re unsure where to start looking… Here are a few things I’ll be getting for my desk!

All photos taken from Pinterest, if it is yours and would like credit, please let us know!


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