Our 30 Day Challenge to Start Off the Year on the Right Track!


Did you overindulge during the holidays? You’re not the only one! Know that it is totally possible—and easy!—to improve your health and nutrition with a few simple tips. We’re all so sick of talking about dieting; rather, we have a few healthy tips to incorporate into your everyday habits. Rest assured: we’ll always encourage you to eat snacks, and even dessert! Try divine.ca’s 30-day challenge: follow three of the following tips every week throughout January, and you’ll notice improvements. Get on board with us, and then let’s check in together next month!

Increase your protein intake
We all know that the art of starting the day off on the right foot lies in eating a balanced breakfast. Is your morning routine a crazy race against the clock? Well, we can’t blame you! The result: our good resolutions are often cast aside despite our best intentions. We quickly turn to snacks that are filled with empty calories. Looking for a breakfast idea that you can eat on the go, is quick to prepare and healthy, too? How about a piece of toast with some ricotta on it? Because it’s an excellent source of high quality protein, it will help you last until lunchtime. Choose bread with high fibre content and let your imagination run free: there are tons of delicious possibilities! Whether you have more of a sweet or salty tooth, here is a bit of inspiration.


Maximize the number of steps you take daily
It’s been proven: walking greatly improves physical condition, morale and health! And it’s such a simple activity. If you use public transportation, don’t forget that your commute is actually beneficial to your health. And what if you don’t? Any activity is a good excuse to be more active on a daily basis. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park the car a few blocks away from the office instead of right in front, go out for a walk at lunch time, or take the long way to the kitchen when you need to refill your glass of water: all these actions will increase your total number of steps for the day, and therefore, your fitness level! Still not convinced? Get yourself a pedometer, a little gadget that will count your steps every day. That way, you’ll be able to spot your slower days, and make an extra effort to walk more within the following days!


Eat more veggies
You hear it all the time, but eating a lot more fruit and veggies is a great habit to add to your everyday routine. Although many people find it easy to put into action when it comes to fruit because it tastes so sweet, it’s a whole other story with veggies. One good thing about the cold season (yup, it has its upsides!) is that we tend to want to cook more, especially comfort food like soups and stews. So there’s at least one easy way to eat more vegetables! But have you ever thought of revamping your meals, vegetarian-style? For example, instead of whipping up your traditional family lasagna, you could replace the pasta with eggplant layers. Add a good dose of Saputo Mozzarellissima cheese for a divine taste, and voilà! Poke around the web, and you’ll find tons of recipes that substitute certain ingredients for veggies. No more boiled vegetables for dinner!


Skip the energy drinks
Eating healthy during the holidays isn’t easy, especially with all the family meals and outings. It’s normal to have less time and less motivation, too. However, after all those hefty meals and dinners with friends, you’ll have to start thinking about your fitness routine again. Working out is important but staying hydrated is too. That’s why it’s high time to let go of those energy drinks: although they taste good, they really aren’t very good for you. A much healthier and nutritious alternative: Milk 2 Go Sport drinks, which are made with fresh milk and contain 26g of protein per 325-ml bottle. On top of being a source of five essential nutrients, the drink doesn’t require any mixing or measuring. Just unscrew the cap, and you’re good to go! It comes in three different flavours (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry banana) and contains way more calcium than any other energy drink. It’s perfect after a workout; and your taste buds won’t be disappointed!


Choose healthy desserts
Homemade doughnuts, cream fudge and cakes of all kinds are everywhere during the holidays. But eating so much sugar in a short amount of time can really take its toll on your body. There are several ways to detox your body, but few to continue satisfying your sweet tooth in a healthy way. Click here for a dessert recipe that’s perfect for indulging without cheating. You’ll never guess the main ingredient!


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