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Our 5 Best Hair Tips


For the love of our strands
Our hair tends to have it rough during the summer months. Which is why it certainly needs a breather, by ensuring we follow the five hair commandments below year-round. It’s easy, you’ll see!

How to counter the effects of chlorine on your hair

When our hair routinely comes in contact with chlorine water, it becomes dry and brittle. Does that mean that we should put an end to our dips in the pool for the sake of our mane? Of course not! But in order to ensure its well-being, at the very least, make sure to rinse it with mild water as soon as you exit the pool. Plus, should you not be put off by the idea of wearing a swimming cap, take advantage of a swim to apply a few drops of hair oil to the tip of your hair. Deep treatment, guaranteed!

DIY haircare

We all get the occasional bad hair day, but when dry and damaged hair becomes a recurring issue, it may be time to give your mane some extra TLC. And no, you’re not required to fork over cash for an expensive salon treatment! The road to healthy, lustrous hair actually begins in your kitchen! A homemade hair mask will give your hair much-needed moisture, and is easy to make. In a bowl, mix one mashed-up banana, one egg, three tablespoons of honey, three tablespoons of milk, and five tablespoons of olive oil. Apply the mixture to your hair and wait 15 to 30 minutes (depending on the extent of the damage to your hair). Lastly, wash out the mask with a gentle shampoo, and you’re done!

Secret to a long ponytail

Here’s a shortcut for making your ponytail look much longer than it actually is… no extensions required! Divide your hair into two by creating a part in an upside down V shape at the back of your head. The middle of the V should be around ear-level. Tie the top part of your hair into a high ponytail, and the bottom part into a ponytail that sits a few centimeters above your hair line, camouflaged directly underneath the top tail. Brush both tails together to help them look as if they are one, and you’re done!

The proper way to condition your hair

Did you know that applying conditioner above the nape of the neck can cause your hair to become ‘dirtier’ a lot faster? Short-haired gals should only apply it to the tips of their strands, whereas long-haired girls should condition from the nape down

Safe straightening tip

Although some flat irons are designed to be able to straighten hair when it’s wet, most stylists recommend blow-drying hair beforehand, until hair is approximately 80% dry; this will minimize damage caused to your hair by the hot iron, and keep it looking healthier longer.

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