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Our best beauty tips

Top advice from divine.ca’s editorial team
We’re true beautistas, and there’s nothing we love more than finding ways to make our daily skincare, hair care and makeup routine easier, or simply more efficient. That’s why we’ve decided to round up our best beauty tips; some of them we discovered ourselves, while others we learned from experts in the field. Now, it’s your turn to reap their benefits!
…clean + treated hair
English Editor Vicki shares a tip that doesn’t seem new, although we never actually knew the explanation behind it until recently: when washing your hair, lather, rinse, repeat. Why? “The first shampoo is to truly cleanse your hair of all impurities,” says Vicki. The second one really allows the shampoo and ingredients it contains to be effective in making your hair silkier, hydrated, smoother, or add volume, depending on the product. This tip is important to heed, especially for those who use several styling products on a daily basis.
…silky locks
Do you dream of having well-moisturized, super silky tresses? Associate English Editor Katia uses olive oil on her hair every day to obtain the desired effect. Plus, it doesn’t contain any chemicals, so it won’t damage your hair. According to her, “Nature does things right!”

…hair that never looks greasy
French Editor Caroline uses baby powder instead of dry shampoo. Just sprinkle on a small quantity, let it absorb excess sebum, then brush out your locks to make the powder disappear.
…a perfect complexion
Associate French Editor Ariane shares the secret to her blemish-free complexion: she never uses tap water to rinse her face! What she does use is cleansing water, cleansing milk and thermal water. According to her, ever since she stopped using tap water on her face, she’s been noticing fewer dehydration marks on her skin, and it fares better against environmental aggressors. Wow!
…expertly styled lashes
When she falls in love with a mascara wand, rather than throw it out when the tube is empty, former Editor in Chief Mariève carefully washes it and puts it aside. Even when she starts a new tube of mascara, she tends to use her favourite brush to place her lashes exactly how she wants them after having coated them with the formula. She also often uses a combination of two (or sometimes even three) different mascaras to obtain the desired effect.
…mess-free nails
There’s no point in trying to wipe off nail polish that’s made it onto your fingers on the spot. Caroline (French Editor) teaches us that it’s easy to get it off if you rub your fingers gently while you’re in the shower.

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