Our Best Fitness Tips


Summer’s here, and we know you’re probably seeking motivation to get out there and workout! Below, a few tips to help you along.

Morning Workout


When hitting the gym, opt for going at the beginning of the day. You’ll then end up with extra energy that will last until the day’s end!  That said, this routine also helps you stay loyal to regular exercise. So if you’re the type who always postpones your workout to the next day and then the next, consider the morning option! Another advantage is that cardio before breakfast allows helps you burn stored fats.

Jump Rope for Strong Calves


To strengthen all of your muscles, you must vary your exercise routine. If you want to build muscle in your calves, the jump rope is an excellent ally! Using the jump rope also improves posture, agility and coordination. Plus, it is an excellent way to burn calories.

Get a Carb Boost


When undergoing any sort of physical activity, it’s best to consume carbs one to two hours beforehand. Carbohydrates will provide you with instant energy that will keep you going throughout your workout. Suggestions include cereal bars, fruit, peanut butter and/or jam on toast, and so on. If you are apt to train at night, avoid meals that are too rich or heavy that will likely slow down your digestion.  And, as always, don’t forget to stay hydrated!

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