Our best tips for a good house cleaning


When the weather starts dropping, I find myself going outside less often. Happy hours become cozy meals with friends at home, and shopping trips are done from the comfort of my living room. Because I spend more time inside, I tend to notice areas in the house that need a little extra dusting. So, what better to do on a rainy Sunday than to clean around the house!


I try to avoid using cleaning products packed with chemicals, now that I just found out about my pregnancy (!). Not necessarily because it is harmful, but the strong odours these products give me massive headaches. It therefore forces me to find some efficient, yet not chemical products, to make things easier. I recently found out about Scotch-BriteBrand sponges and wipes, and I have to admit; I was really impressed. They can be used for all types of cleaning tasks, and for all types of dirt. I therefore chose to share with you all my best cleaning tips, as well as my favourite Scotch-BriteBrand Products.


For the living room

For clean mirrors: when you are washing mirrors and glass with your favourite cleansing gel, here is how to get them to shine without stains: wash everything first using a vertical movement, followed by a horizontal movement. Avoid washing in circles, because that is what will leave those stains you see under sunshine.


Our best tool for the living room: the Scotch-Brite™ Glass Cleaning Cloth. You know those big glass windows in the living room that are so long and hard to wash? You will thank us after using this wipe. Alternatively, it can also be used for chrome, like on lamps and living room decorations, where kids have left fingerprints.


For the kitchen

For a disinfected cutting board: we tend wash our wooden (material that resists better to bacteria than plastic) cutting board on a daily basis by simply scrubbing it under warm soapy water. However, cutting boards used for meat, chicken or raw fish should get a different, ecological antibacterial treatment. First mix baking soda with water in order to obtain a thick paste to rub the board with. Then, let it rest for around 15 minutes before rinsing it and sprinkling salt on it, which should then be removed with a brush when the wood is totally dry. Go away, bacteria!

Non-stick pans like new, for longer: after using it for a few years, you might have noticed that your non-stick pans start browning. To give them some youth, boil some bleach for a few minutes in them. Do not fear! The pan won’t keep in any odour or taste. Then thoroughly rinse it before washing it with a dishwashing gel. Did you know that non-stick pans are made with a plastic material (polytetrafluoroethylen) that actually softens and becomes fragile when heated to a high temperature?


Our best tool for the kitchen: the Scotch-Brite™ Stove Top Ultra Scrub Sponge. It will become your best friend when it comes to removing residue from your stove, and will make everything easy like 1 2 3. No need to waste your precious time trying to scrub off those nasty stains, it’s almost as if the sponge did the job for you!


For the bedroom

Closet cleaning: most people clean the house, but omit closets, wardrobes and pantries. However, that is where we keep our clothes, souvenirs, food… and dust! With dust comes dirt, but also dust mites, ants, and in extreme cases even mice! If you want to keep these unwanted creatures away, clean your closets and let them get some fresh air too!

Any use cleansing gel: are you out of cleansing gel for your bedroom windows? Mix a cup of water and a cup of white vinegar in a spraying bottle, and that’s it!


Our best tool for the bedroom: the Scotch-Brite™ High Performance Cleaning Cloth. It is definitely the most efficient cleaning tool for your bedroom. It picks up dust easily, and can also be used wet, to clean windows and glass. Your bedroom cleaning has never been this easy!

For the bathroom

Cleaning your shower head: if you want your shower head to continue doing its job correctly, you have to wash it regularly. A very easy way is to remove the shower head cap by twisting it off, and soaking it overnight in a bowl of vinegar. It will dissolve stains and clogs. The next morning, remove any remaining dirt with a toothbrush and water, rinse, and twist it back onto the shower head.


Our best tool for the bathroom: the Scotch-Brite™ No-Scratch Tub and Shower Scrubber. Removing soap and shampoo stains left in the bathtub or shower is not the most entertaining task. With this special tool, your task becomes way easier and faster. And most of all, it won’t leave any scratch on your tub!

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