Our Best Tips for a Perfect Mani


Just in time for your trip to the beach or your next romantic date, our best tips for a successful manicure.

Perfect Manicure
Using cotton balls and nail polish remover to correct a sloppy manicure can leave filaments of cotton behind. Try taking an already-used sheet of fabric softener to dab on the nail polish remover, instead. No more cotton getting stuck in your nail polish!


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Cuticle Relief
Get rid of those raggedy cuticles by applying a special cuticle cream at least once a day, and by pushing them back with an orangewood stick once a week. Can’t seem to remember to apply the cuticle cream? Keep it stashed in your desk drawer at the office or on your bedside table at home, and get into the habit of applying it either in the morning right before you start work, or at night before you turn out the lights.

Moroccan nail care
Argan oil has proven its benefits in the beauty world and is commonly used in shampoos and moisturizers as a fortifying ingredient. Are you stuck with fragile, brittle nails? Maybe you should consider using argan oil in its purest form. It’s easy: between manicures, apply some on your nails and let them absorb the nutrients. The vitamins (A and E) contained in the oil will help harden nails, and because it’s rich in antioxidants, it also protects our hands against outside aggressions (like sun, nail polish remover and domestic cleaners). Just drop by your nearest pharmacy or natural products shop to get your hands on a vial of argan oil.

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