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Our Top 3 Tips for Sun Protection


INTERNAL_ete_en_santeBecause protection aganist UV rays is super important, here are three of our infallible tricks to use all summer.

Protect Your Hair from the Sun
Just how it’s become second nature to protect our skin from the sun with a proper sunscreen, it’s crucial to give our hair the same treatment! Reach for a spray-on protector if you’re heading outside; some brands even have a whole line of shampoos, conditioners and hair masks that are specifically designed to shield your locks from those harsh UV rays.

Sunscreen on Hand
Of course, you always apply sunscreen before leaving the house, but what about throughout the day? Purchase a small spray-on lotion that you can use throughout the day if you’re heading outdoors, or a hand-lotion sized tube of sunscreen to have on you just in case. It’s a purse must-have for summer!

Babies and Sunscreen
As per the label on most bottles of baby sunscreen, it is not recommended for use on children under the age of six months. Baby should be kept out of direct sunlight; try to use long (rather than thick) clothing to protect her skin from the sun if shade is not available. Using a very small amount of sunscreen on children under six months in specific places (a bit on the face, the back of the hands) is okay, but consult your paediatrician first to make sure.

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