Packing for Every Type of Trip


Packing truly is an art, whether you often travel on business, or simply like to vacation with your family. The type of luggage you’ll need—and of course, what you’ll put in it—depends greatly on your destination, your reason for going, and what you’ll be doing. So we’ve broken things down into three types of trips, with a few recommendations for each of them. Bon voyage!

If you’re going on…

A chic escapade

Whether you’re travelling solo, with your beau or your best pals, you’ll want to put your most fashionable foot forward at all times.

The suitcase: The Canadiana collection is equipped with straps inside to keep all your belongings in place, and has four wheels that enable you to move it around in any direction. Stash your accessories in the zipped pocket inside the top; you can also expand it for the trip home when you’ve done some shopping and need a bit more room.

What to pack? Pack a comfortable printed dress that makes putting together a stylish look effortless. Keep your coif perfect by taking along a mini flat iron, and be prepared for any type of whether with a cute foldable flower umbrella.

escapadeTalula Cosimo Dress, $150 at Aritzia and online.
Austin House Telescopic Umbrella, $20 at
Austin House Travel Ceramic Flat Iron, $44.99 online only at
Atlantic Canadiana Suitcase, from $100 starting in July on

A family vacay

Travelling with kids means extra luggage, so you’ll need to up your level of organization.

The suitcase: The Atlantic Unite 2 suitcase with Link2Go System has eight—not four—wheels to help it easy to move in any direction, and an integrated USB port that lets you charge a phone or tablet no matter where you are. Plus, if you have more than one suitcase, you can link them together in seconds flat, making it super simple to keep the entire family’s luggage together (see how in the video below).

What to pack? Keep everyone’s stuff organized with packing cubes. Why not divide the cubes by colour among the little ones? You can also identify each person’s luggage with a fun suitcase tag. Also take along toys and games with as little moving parts as possible, like the Travel Etch A Sketch, which slips easily into any luggage.

familyAtlantic Unite 2 19” Spinner Luggage, $139.99 at
Austin House Luggage Tags, $6.50 at the CAA Quebec Travel Boutique.
Travel Etch A Sketch, $16.99 at Toys R Us.
Austin House Packing Cubes (set of three), $35 at

A business trip

Travelling for work means you’ll need to pack with efficiency and versatility in mind.

The suitcase: Choose a carry-on suitcase like one from the Travelpro Crew 10 collection with features to help you keep your work clothes in perfect condition, as well as extra mesh pockets for storing your electronic devices and all the cables that go with them.

What to pack? A universal adapter is a must for plugging in wherever work takes you. As for your beauty essentials, keep them organized with a set of bottles in TSA-approved sizes that you can slip into your carry-on. A colourful scarf will add a chic touch to your work outfit and keep your neck warm on the flight!

businessTravelpro Crew 10 International Carry-On Spinner, $249.99 at
Amethyst Flower Infinity Scarf, $15 at Simons and online.
Austin House Universal Adapter with USB, $17.95 at the CAA Quebec Travel Boutique.
Austin House TSA-Approved Bottle Set, $14.95 at


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