Parenthood: Having an Active Social Life


Because you’re more than just a mom
Being a parent can be all-consuming. First of all, you’re no longer the center of your own universe. Your priorities have probably changed, too. And you might not even want the same things as you did before. But let’s bury the idea that good times with friends need to stop once you have a child, shall we? Here’s our guide to leading an active social life… even with a baby in tow.

Not choosing the easiest path
Whether it’s because we’re tired or feel we just don’t have the time, several factors seem to steer us towards the way home. That being said, it’s sometimes necessary to confront our primary desires; spontaneity can do miracles for your morale.

Si if you’re lucky enough to have a babysitter who lives close by, why not accept that invitation to go out for a drink? And if you’ve got friends in town, even if your place isn’t as tidy as you’d like it to be, try to let go. Worst case, you can order in.

Of course, the concept of going out for a drink probably won’t turn into a night of debauchery. And because disorder is part of our everyday routine, all there is left to do is live with it, anyway.

Surrounding yourself with other parents
No one understands you better than other parents. To give yourself reassurance on these last points, make sure you’re well surrounded. Extend invitations without hesitation to friends you get along with who also have kids.

There are also old friends whom it’s important to call as soon as the occasion arises. Those who know you by heart, whom you like to meet up with for drinks or brunch, at a party or in moderation. The ones who have a crazy talent for making you feel pretty and good, despite the fact that high heels aren’t part of your subway-daycare-work-park uniform, and that you haven’t had time to paint your nails.

Shake off disapproving looks
When you have a child, there are people who start acting like the tiny human being becomes everyone’s responsibility. When you come home after dark with a baby sleeping peacefully in his stroller, you’ll inevitably notice a few furrowed brows. Or maybe when [insert entertaining activity of your choice without any negative consequences for your child’s safety].

Yet, in fact, he is fine, and sleeping soundly. And you’ll have enjoyed a lovely evening, on top of having helped your baby learn to fall asleep outside his regular environment. You’ll also have allowed him to socialize. Everyone is happy, except the people with the disapproving looks; so continue on your way with your head held high.

A question of balance
You’ll have to rest in order to maintain your tempo, of course. You’ll also enjoy every moment spent with your little one. But come on: let’s vow to show people who believe that being a parent is boring that they’re completely wrong! Rather, let’s challenge ourselves to reap positive comments like “I want to be like you when I have kids”. Because not forgetting about yourself is a great reason to smile.


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