Perfect Pairings – The Bachelor Canada Premiere Re-Cap


Chris Leroux, The Bachelor Canada, is a 33 year old former Major Leaguer and we have until December 22 to find out if he’ll strike out at love.  My first prediction is that this season will end in an engagement.  The premiere episode of the show has pretty much the same format as its older, US sibling.  We are introduced to Chris as he ponders why he is single and letting us all know that he is there for the right reasons – to find true love.  We meet his family including his parents that have been married for over 40 years and his sister who is also happily betrothed.  We get you Chris, you are lonely, nervous and excited and looking for your perfect pairing.

As we got deeper into the episode, former Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristow and her fiancé, Shawn Booth give Chris advice for his “journey” as The Bachelor Canada.  I grasped my Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc in anticipation of Kaitlyn’s sure to be hilarious and witty tips.  Sadly, Shawn just told him to kiss everyone and Kaitlyn just told him to let his guard down and that it’s hard to hurt people’s feelings.  At least I could console myself with the crisp, fresh and fruity notes of my wine and the knowledge that Kaitlyn would be back in her unedited glory on “The Bachelor Canada After Show”.

Video intros of the Bachelorettes took us to the mid-way mark of the show.  We met:

  • Catie – the meditating lawyer – yes, it’s apparently now a thing to have a dual role as an attorney and a meditation coach. That way you can feel Zen about your legal bills.
  • Meghan – the lovable waitress from Deer Lake, Newfoundland. Her voice may make you want to “screech” but trust me; she’s there for the right reasons.  There are only 5,200 people from her home town of Deer Lake, so she needs this more than the other women.
  • Shanti – this real estate student and former model is a little harsh, and a little paranoid. Her pastimes include going through her list of haters and a kill list.  There is one woman like this every season.
  • Dee – the kind-hearted single Mom owns a spray tan business and dirt biking is one of her favourite pastimes.
  • Lisa – AKA The Little Mermaid meets the squirrel whisperer – need I say more?
  • Brittany M – pageant queen, drama queen and self-proclaimed humanitarian, she is sure to spice things up this season.


Now that we’ve met the drama makers and love seekers, we are ready for them to meet Chris who is still nervous!  At least he can lean on Noah Cappe, before he’s left alone for about 10 seconds of one-on- one time with each woman as they make their first impression.  Hopefully this birthday boy will get the gift of true love at first sight.  There are only 20 women this season – but remember, we are in Canada, so the population is smaller.

First out of the limo is my pick for Chris’s final rose, Lyndsey, a publicist from Vancouver.  He liked her smile, and wants to get to know her better.  Catie “served” him making an impression as a smart, witty, but meditative legal eagle.  Spoiler alert – he doesn’t say Namaste to her in this episode.  Meghan, our Newfie, introduced The Bachelor to the tradition of “screeching in” – giving him a rain hat, making him kiss a cod, who was pretty cute, and whipped out a bottle of Screech, of course.  I’ll stick with my Two Oceans, thank you very much.  The little dance at the end also showed that Chris was up for anything.  Kait was next, whipping off her kimono, making sure that we all know how worldly she is, but letting Chris know that it’s her intention to stay.  I can’t see her being one of the final two, but we’ll see. I’ve dubbed her “Short Hair, Don’t Care (about The Bachelor) for now.

The next girl to get creative was Mikaela, a fashion blogger who gave our main guy a promise ring, making him promise to spend one-on-one time with her first.  It must have been quite the ring, because he kept his promise.  Dee, of course drove up on a motorbike, Stacy revealed that she’s never been in love or had a boyfriend, and Brittany the Beauty Queen crowned Chris.  Lisa donned a mermaid costume and tried not to poke him with her starfish.  We’ll see if she makes the biggest splash this season.  Shanti feels that Chris and she will understand each other because they have both been in the public eye and have hob-nobbed with A-listers.  OK, if you think so Shanti.  She’s the first girl this season to proclaim that she’s not here for the other women, she’s here for Chris.

After a quick cheers, Chris was true to his word, and took Mikaela aside for some time alone, impressing her.  Catie proved to be as complex as fine wine, at least to our love-seeking hunk.  The first night one-on-ones are always a little awkward.  To be fair, it’s the drama that makes or breaks the show’s premiere not these quick conversations.  The only Bachelorette that really made an impression was Dee, whose sweetness won Chris over enough to award her with the coveted First Impression Rose.  She didn’t give him the heads up on being a single mother.   Hopefully, that decision won’t come back to haunt her.  Shouty, I mean Shanti, had a bit of a meltdown screaming at a producer and saying over and over again that it wasn’t ok for the only guy at the party to not seek her out.  Cue to Chris coming over to see if she’s ok.  Before you criticize our Bachelor, remember, he doesn’t know what’s going on behind closed doors.  Brittany, our other drama queen, raised eyebrows, when she went back for more time with The Bachelor Canada.

The drama of the rose ceremony ensued, with these fifteen girls still having a chance with Chris: Lyndsey, Shanti, Catie, Mikaela, April, Lara, Jesse, Stacy, Kait, Brittany M., Ashley, Brittany W., Lisa and Meghan.  We said a fond farewell to Shaleen, Madeline, Stephanie, Pricilla and Chelsea.  One final toast from The Bachelor with the news that they were all on their way to Costa Rica had everyone cheering.  The preview for next week promises more of what we expect from The Bachelor Canada – romance, adventure and a little mayhem.

Final Thoughts:

  • Perfect Pairing – Lyndsey – she seems down to earth and sweet. We’ll see in time if she’s there for love, or an Influencer career.
  • Number of times the word “journey” was used – 11
  • Most awkward moment – Pricilla jumping out of the card board cake and singing Happy Birthday tied with Shanti’s rant.
  • Best entrance – Meghan with her nod to Newfoundland.

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