Personal Style Blogs in the Age of Instagram

From waist-down selfies to high art meets fashion portraiture, personal style Instagrammers are giving the style hungry reason to get excited about the fashion blogosphere again. Below, three sartorial mavens with an unusual aesthetic…

Style blogger Pari Ehsan wears Delpozo as she poses before a piece by artist Philippe Decrauzat. (Photo:

First there were personal style blogs, helmed by fashion enthusiasts who offered their own interpretation of fashion via sartorial self-portraits. Then came street style blogs and the photographers behind them who cast their lens on fashionable folks on the streets of major cities worldwide. Both gave style fiends an alternative window on fashion—beyond immaculate magazine editorials, high price tags and superfluous trend reports. But once they became commonplace, so did their content. Same subjects, same locales and same perspective from one blog to the next left little to get excited about. While some have gotten with the times, even diversified their repertoire (Garance Doré and The Man Repeller are prime examples), personal style blogs as a whole remain the same, ostensibly less about the clothes and more about the person modeling them, and little more than a stylized album of self-portraits. And in the age of the selfie, never has that been more evident, with the conversation—rather the presentation moving to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

On the latter, however, there is as much experimentation as there is repetition, with a new crop of fashion bloggers offering something different in the advent of the personal style feed. Three such accounts—which also have their own web addresses—have reinvented the sartorial portrait, with the clothes taking their rightful place centre stage in inspired ways.

Looks from Lauren Alexa. (Photos: instagram/lovelaurenalexa)
Name: Lauren Alexa
Instagram: @lovelaurenalexa
On the web:

24-year-old Lauren Alexa’s Instagram feed is an endless stream of gorgeous interiors, snippets of style inspiration pulled from the web and her own sartorial self-portraits. Through aerial and frontal shots, we get a look at her sleek, minimalist everyday wardrobe of basics and more elaborate pieces with a hint of “tomboy sensibility”. No exaggerated pose, no duck face. As a matter of fact, there’s no face at all. The Singapore-based freelance stylist never reveals her visage, allowing us to focus on and admire her flawless ensembles.

Waist-down sartorial selfies. (Photos: Kate Brien/
Name: Kate Brien
Instagram: @viewfromthetopp
On the web:

Pretty shoes, pretty garb and pretty floors, seen from the top down: Kate Brien has created an artful virtual album of sartorial snapshots, each glimpsing her stunning ensembles before showcasing a pair of lust-worthy shoes with stunning floors (think kitschy tiled floors, funky rugs and even pebbled driveways) as the backdrop. From white D’Orsay heels to python crossover sandals, combining her deft photography skills and keen eye for style, the L.A. stylist even makes a partially snow-covered street resemble art, all the while showcasing her impeccable taste in shoes. Of the unusual perspective she takes to exhibit her personal style, Brien told Line magazine, “I have never felt totally comfortable posting pictures of myself on the Internet (I commend those who are!), but I did want to get my fashion perspective out there. View From The Topp is my compromise.”

Fashion meets art. (Photos:
Name: Pari Ehsan
Instagram: @paridust
On the web:

J.W. Anderson meets KAWS, Ellery x Damien Hirst, Todd Eberle and Mary Katrantzou: 30-year-old New York blogger Pari Ehsan pairs high fashion with high art, resulting in a visually stunning photo diary where the latter serves as the whimsical backdrop to the former. The erstwhile interior designer and architect doesn’t only pose before the art; she pushes the envelope with lyrical sartorial portraits that see her engage with and become one with the art. The CFDA-nominated blog (Ehsan is in the running for the inaugural “Fashion Instagrammer of the Year” award) has gained a massive following (106K and counting) since it launched in June of last year and as Elle magazine reports, in addition to her own tasteful wardrobe, she now has her pick of runway creations courtesy of designers themselves. But she’s not one to let that influence the essence of her fashion-meets-art portraiture, telling the mag, “I’ll just see something and intuitively I know, ‘Oh, I definitely want to shoot this.’ The art comes first.” Indeed, Ehsan’s Instagram is a marriage of style and substance, and her full-fledged blog further elaborates on the art and the motivation behind the sartorial choice juxtaposed to it.

Fashion, art, architecture, design, TV, and film: Katia Jean Paul is a Montreal-based writer who casts a critical eye on her many idées fixes, unearthing the aesthetic and cultural dimensions within each and every subject. / Follow Katia on Twitter:


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