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Picking the Right Probiotic for You


When it comes to supplements, different people have different needs. These needs may be based on factors such as your age or gender. The thing we all have in common?  Wanting to feel like we are at our best. This is particularly true when it comes to your gastrointestinal or gut health.  If your gut is not feeling great, then you will not feel healthy.  Here are a few tips to help you choose a probiotic supplement that is right for you:

  • Speak to a Healthcare Professional: It is important to speak to your doctor or pharmacist to make sure that whatever supplement you take will not cause any reactions with your current health conditions or medications.
  • Read the Directions on the Box: How many doses will you need to take per day? Do you need to take it with food? How long can it last outside the fridge? Make sure you choose a probiotic that is convenient for you to take, or you are not likely going to take it! I like koena because the instructions are simple: one capsule daily, with or without food. It also does not need to be refrigerated, which means that I can keep it in my purse if I want to take it on the go.
  • Look at the Colony Forming Units CFUs: The CFU number tells you the amount of living bacteria that are found in one dose. The numbers are often high (some are in the billions) to ensure that the microorganisms are still alive when they get to your gut.
  • Check for Prebiotics: A little boost of fibre encourages the growth of the existing good bacteria in your gut and may help your probiotic work more effectively.

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This product might not be suitable for you.  Always read and follow label instructions.

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