Pineapple Trend: 13 Refreshing Finds!


It left our fruit bowls and became the next big thing. From lovely summer dresses with tropical prints to cute cooking accessories, pineapples are everywhere…and we kinda love it! I’ve found a few refreshing items just to make you love the trend as much as we do. Just wait, you’ll be obsessed with this tropical fruit too!


1. Nordstrom gold pineapple Tumbler Mason shaker, $40.80 in stores and online.
2. Accessorize pineapple-shaped earrings, $3 online.
3. Pineapple ice cube tray, $3.94 on Amazon
4. Etsy natural wood pineapple wall-clock, $61.69 online.
5. La Vie en Rose beach bag, $26.95 in stores and online.
6. Zara Home colorful pillow, $35.90 in stores and online.
7. Little Burgundy Thornwood purse, $25 in stores and online.
8. West Elm pineapple service tray, $17 in stores.
9. Urban Outfitters pineapple print trainer socks, $10 in stores and online.
10. Forever 21 Samsung Galaxy s6 pineapple phone case, $10.90 in stores and online.
11. La Vie en Rose pineapple print Bikini, $42.95 for the top and $29.95 for the bottom, in stores and online.
12. Homesense pineapple-shaped ceramic cookie Jar, $24.99 in stores.
13. ASOS pineapple sequined t-Shirt, $32.35 online.

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