Pink Tartan: Fashion That’s Here to Stay –

Pink Tartan: Fashion That’s Here to Stay


Every time I go into the Pink Tartan boutique in Yorkville, Toronto, I melt. The designer, Kimberley Newport-Mimram, chooses her the items that enter her world with care, as well as mixing her fashion finds with her own signature items. Everything in that boutique is a mixture of comfort and chicness, which is exactly what we like to go for!


My last visit there was to get a look at the new washable collection the designer has created with Tide. The collaboration has been going on for a few seasons already, and each time, the clothes are more than perfect. The materials used are of the best quality, and do not lose their quality after going in the washing machine. They do not get wrinkled easily, and are definitely musts in our wardrobe. Washed with Tide Pods, these clothing items will last you ages!


According to Mary Johnson, lead scientist at Procter & Gamble, the future of fashion will definitely include better and easier to wash materials. After all, it is impossible to have a good closet if all you have access to are clothing with a short life span. The trick for perfect colors? Combining Tide PODS to Tide BOOST. This mixture will make your whites more white, and your colors more colorful. It’s the same concept as using conditioner after a shampoo, really. Mary also recommends to add the Downy textile to all washes, in order to keep the textiles soft and in good condition. She ended our conversation by mentioning that: “clothes only come to life when they are worn”. Love. It.!

Talking with the designer made me learn so much about materials and what she considers classic and comfortable. Her new collection contains a lot of versatile, soft, and structured items. Kim is also a fan of the athletic trend, which will definitely be seen on runways for a few seasons now. Either it’s sneakers and a shift dress or a pair of loose pants with heels, we will be recreating these looks with the new washable Pink Tartan collection items. I can guarantee you that you will be wearing these items for years to come.


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