Pitaya : 7 Colourful Recipes That Will Make You Hungry


Its name is über cute, and the fruit itself is almost too pretty to be devoured! A pitaya, also known as dragon fruit, is an exotic, refreshing, and colourful fruit that has started popping up more and more on our favourite health gurus’ Instagram feeds. Its tender and juicy flesh—similar to kiwi with its crispy little black seeds—is rich in antioxydants, minerals and vitamins that help boost the immune system.

Full of fibre, the pitaya also helps with digestion and contributes to weight loss. Did you know that this cactus fruit can also be used to treat high blood pressure? It’s not surprising that it’s made its way into several foodistas’ diets! Here are a few ideas to help put some sunshine in your day. Bon appétit! (Click on the images for the recipes.)

1. Dragon Fruit Banana Sherbet


2. Pitaya Cheese Cake


3. Pitaya Breakfast Bowl


4. Dragon Fruit Jam


5. Chocolate Cupcakes with Dragon Fruit Buttercream


6. Dragon Fruit Smoothie


7. Fajita-Spiced Shrimp Tacos With Dragon Fruit Salsa


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