Pizza Comparison: Takeout vs Homemade

1_REPUBLISH_INTERNALOne of the most popular foods in North America is pizza. It is also the most popular type of takeout food. Not many people can resist the taste of its delicious toppings, which often include tomatoes, cheese, and cured meats.


Making pizza at home
Making pizza dough is unbelievably easy; it is surprising to see how many people buy frozen dough to use at home! What you need first is some tepid water: some pizzanos (pizza makers) swear by using a certain type of water, but one cup of warm water is fine. Combine one teaspoon of yeast (stored in the freezer for longevity) and one teaspoon of sugar with 1 1/2 cups whole-wheat flour and a little olive oil to produce dough. This needs to be covered with a bowl so the yeast can work and the dough can rise.

While the dough is rising, you can start to prepare the toppings. As soon as the pizza dough has risen (it takes about a half-hour) the fun begins. This is where you can roll up your sleeves and use your rolling pin to make the pie.
The preparation of the toppings can be a team effort. Recruit some members of your family to grate the cheese for the pizza. The meat (ham, capicolo, prociutto) also needs to be cut up prior to putting it on the pizza.
Tasty toppers
Try to use premium toppings that most pizzerias would charge a lot of money for. For example, instead of using typical store brand pizza sauce, use San Marzano tomatoes, which offer unbelievable flavour.

Other premium toppings you could include are: roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, black olives, corn, and pineapple.

On top of the pizza you can add some extra flavouring, such as herbes de Provence, or red pepper flakes to bring some heat.

What about takeout?
Now to compare homemade pizza with any pizza chain that promises delicious steaming hot pizza in 30 minutes or less. Ordering pizza versus making it yourself is often four times the cost! A typical pizza delivery of two medium pizzas and four sodas usually adds up to about $25; add the tax and a tip for your delivery guy, and the price is often closer to $30. Depending on whether you have some of the essentials like flour and yeast in your pantry, pizza made at home should not cost you more than $7 to $10.
The money saved making pizza is not the main advantage, but the quality time shared with family, as well as the satisfaction of making your own meal is a definitely bonus!

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