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5 street eateries to visit this summer!
Summer is almost here and, in some cities, food trucks have already begun revving up their engines and firing up their grills, ready to bring street grub to the masses! Here, we’ve compiled five from coast to coast that you need to try, from established institutions to newbies on the road.


aussie-guy (2)
Let’s begin by asking: what, exactly, is Australian pie? These flaky delights—native to Australia, natch—are savoury pies stuffed with meat. Enter the classic pie using free-range British Columbia beef with a pepper gravy. Or even one with BC short ribs with vegetables and a red wine and apricot-hoisin sauce, served atop warm mashed potatoes. Yep, choosing from this menu will be difficult! Vegetarian? Not a problem! Aussie Pie Guy also offers meatless options, as well as a homemade apple pie!


Street foot that jazzes up waffles by adding fries, coleslaw and bacon? Decadent comfort food, that’s what Calgary’s Waffles & Chix is offering to the public. We particularly love the blend of sweet and savoury, such as the sandwich that combines a cheese waffle, fried chicken, creamy coleslaw, and maple syrup. Like we said: decadent. Some of its regulars have advised us to wash down the whole thing with grape soda. Noted!


It’s hard to write an article on food trucks without including the famous Caplansky Deli’s food truck, known lovingly as Thunderin’ Thelma. And with the city of Toronto having recently eased their food truck rules, Thelma and her peers will certainly roaring down the streets this summer. The wheeled restaurant serves Zane Caplansky’s smoked meat sandwiches (natch), but you also get everything from pulled brisket tacos to grilled cheeses sandwiches to smoked meat poutine. It’s a Toronto street food institution… if you haven’t already been, now’s the time!


It’s bright blue, almost dazzling, and decorated with a rabbit sporting antlers. The Landry & Filles is a luxury snack bar on wheels. For example, its meatloaf sandwich is certainly luxurious, a beautiful meeting of a grilled cheese sandwich and that slice of meat. But if you’re a fish lover, you absolutely need to try the salmon gravlax topped with fennel, cream cheese, a hard-boiled egg, and caviar. To find out where the truck is parked, simply check out their Facebook page.

Quebec City

In the beautiful city of Quebec, the Auberge Saint-Antoine’s Panache restaurant is the talk of the town. And at the height of their success, they decided to open not one, but two street food trucks. The first Panache Mobile is located at the Vignola Sainte-Pétronille vineyard, and the second one over at the Samuel de Champlain promenade. And each offers an unparalleled gastronomic experience! On the menu? Like at the famous restaurant, local cuisine with a touch of wealth and creativity. We’ll definitely be making a trip to one of the trucks during our next visit to Quebec City, that’s for sure!

What Canadian food truck is your favourite? Let us know in the Comments section below!

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