Psyllium : 4 Good Reasons to Add it to Your Diet –

Psyllium : 4 Good Reasons to Add it to Your Diet



It’s a fact: most Canadians don’t consume enough fibre. Still, the intention is there: we believe you! It’s not always easy to increase your daily intake significantly. Need a bit of help? Have you heard of psyllium? Known for millennia for its numerous virtues, blond psyllium is a small perennial herbaceous plant from India that has many benefits. Let’s zoom in on just a few of them:

1. It reduces cholesterol
Psyllium effectively lowers the level of cholesterol from your diet and simultaneously stimulates bile acid, which considerably contributes to reducing the absorption of bad fats into the blood.

2. It helps control your appetite
Psyllium is also a great weight loss ally! In fact, this herb thickens and swells when it comes into contact with water. Its gelatinous texture therefore suppresses hunger and makes you feel full. Very useful for people who are looking to limit their food intake!

3. It promotes better intestinal health
This source of fibre is also an excellent regulator of intestinal functions and can reduce digestive problems. Psyllium acts kind of like a sponge that allows to clean the insides of the colon all the while absorbing and removing toxic substances from your body. By acting as a very effective laxative, it fights constipation without irritating the mucus membrane.

4. It helps fight diabetes
Research done on patients with type 2 diabetes has shown that psyllium contributes to lowering blood sugar. In order to enhance its benefits, it would be preferable to take psyllium during meals, mixed with food. It comes in flake form, powder, seed husks, and capsules: psyllium can be consumed in different ways. You can therefore use it for your very own culinary creations, or you can simply add a teaspoon of it to your water (to avoid blocking the digestive system, it’s important to accompany your psyllium with a lot of H2O!) three times a day. Check out these recipes for a big dose of inspiration. Increasing your fibre intake will have never tasted this good! (Click on the images for the recipes).

1. Black Forest MilkShake


2. Seeded Gluten-Free Sourdough Bread


3. Low-Carb Pepperoni Pizza


4. The Life Changing Crackers

4_PSYLLIUM_INTERNAL 5. Paleo Sweet Potato Muffins


Don’t hesitate to discuss adding psyllium to your diet with a health professional.

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