Pumpkin Carving Alternatives


6 unique ways to glam-up your gourd
A carved pumpkin is a very traditional décor option for Halloween night and serves its purpose. However, those bright orange gourds can also be decked out in a whole slew of creative ways to give them a new lease on Halloween life. Here are some step-by-step pumpkin-carving alternatives that are just as spookishly stylish as their carved counterparts.

1. Paint
Flex those artist muscles and get painting! From stripes (that can be easily created with painter’s tape vertically or horizontally) to occasion-appropriate stencils (such as cats, ghosts, and heck, even more pumpkins), paint is super versatile. Use solid colours, stick with a monochromatic scheme, or go for some glitz with metallic hues.

There are even fun paints, like chalkboard and wipe-off white board paints, which can be applied to various-sized pumpkins. Use them on pumpkins that you place up your walkway, grouped by the front entrance, or even in a centerpiece, and give them ghoulish personalities with frightful messages (“Boo,” “Beware,” “RIP”, etc.).

2. Cookie cutters
Fashioning designs with those little carving knives can be tedious. A fun pumpkin-carving alternative is using metal cookie cutters. Go with simplistic shapes, like circles and triangles, or, for more of a Halloween feel, those that are in the shapes of ghosts, bats, and witches. Use a mallet to pierce the pumpkin with the cookie cutter, push it all the way through, and voila – perfectly shaped Halloween cut-outs with way less stress and frustration than knife-carving.

3. Embellishments
Women know that it’s the accessories that make the outfit, and the same can be said about this year’s pumpkins: it’s all about the embellishments! Think feathers, sequins, buttons and stickers, rhinestones and gemstones, or anything else that can be used to “jazz up” those jack ‘o lanterns.

4. Glitter
Glitter is an easy way to take the simplicity of a pumpkin and glamorize it to the max. You can use thicker school glue to create more intricate designs, then sprinkle the glitter over the motif and shake off the excess. Or, for more complete coverage, use spray adhesive to cover the entire surface of the pumpkin, lightly roll in glitter or sprinkle on, and shake off the extra.


5. A vessel
A hollowed out gourd can be lit from the inside in the traditional way, or you can find new uses for these hollowed out gems too. Take advantage of their spaciousness by using them as a planter for fall blooms (orange daisies look pretty), or filling them with ice as a makeshift cooler (fill one large pumpkin with some old-fashioned sodas or juice boxes on Hallow’s Eve for neighbours and trick-or-treaters).

6. Nylons
The local costume shop will offer a huge array of Halloween-inspired nylons and pantyhose that come in different designs (fishnet, spider web, etc.). Simply put the pumpkin inside one of the legs for an instant spooky look; they should adequately stretch around your pumpkin. You can also take white stockings and bunch them up, then wrap them around your pumpkin, mummy-style.

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