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Quiz: Are You a Fashionista?


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Welcome to your Fashion World Trivia




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How much you know about the style industry?

Models, designers, runway shows—how much do you know about the fashion world? Take our test and find out how your knowledge fares.
Tom Ford used to design for which of the following houses?
Which are the cities with the most prominent Fashion Weeks on the international scene?
What is designer Karl Lagerfeld known for always having in his hand?
Which of the following fashion magazines has been in print the longest?
Which of the following supermodels' career was launched by a Calvin Klein ad campaign?
Coco" Chanel's real name was:"
Vivienne Westwood is known for greatly influencing which style of clothing?
Who is Anna Wintour?
Which of the following fashion designers does NOT have a line of skincare products?
Which designer created the costumes for legendary pop icon Madonna's controversial Blond Ambition Tour in 1990?

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