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Quiz: Are You an Office Slacker?



Find out if you are jeopardizing your productivity
Do you find yourself working hard or do you find it hard to work? Take our quiz to discover your slacker quotient.
The first thing you do in the morning when you arrive at work is:
Instant messaging is frowned upon at your workplace. Do you use it anyway?
You have one hour for your lunch break. You usually:
On average, how much time do you spend during the work day using the internet for personal reasons (e.g., paying bills, checking personal email, logging onto social networking sites, etc.)?
How many times do you go for a coffee and/or smoke break?
An email from your best friend pops up in the inbox of your work email account with the subject title Fwd: Hilarious! You have to check this out!" You:"
After using the restroom, you run into a colleague in the office hallway. You:
The internet suddenly goes down at your workplace. Your first reaction is that you're annoyed because:
How often do you make personal calls at work?
The director of the IT department has sent a company-wide email requesting all employees to refrain from watching YouTube videos because it slows down the office network server. You:
When a deadline is looming, you're most likely to:
You're taking this quiz:

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