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Find out whether your snoozing needs are being met!
What is the definition of a good night’s sleep? Most of us think we should be getting at least eight hours a night to feel our best. However, our sleep needs can be as individual as we are. Some people need ten hours, while others feel fine after five. What about your slumber needs? Take our quiz and find out if you’re getting enough hours of snooze time.
During the day, you find yourself nodding off just about anywhere (movie theatre, in front of your computer screen, etc.).
On mornings that you don't set your alarm clock, you naturally wake up at more or less then same time as when you do set it.
When you get up, you feel invigorated and eager to start your day.
At work, you have trouble concentrating for more than five minutes on the same task.
You've been known to make typos when writing an email.
You have trouble imagining the future and giving yourself new challenges.
You catch colds and the flu very easily.
You can sleep right through the night without waking up once.
When your alarm clock goes off, you sometimes wake up thinking it's the middle of the night.
You have frequent memory lapses throughout the day.

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