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Quiz: What Kind of Traveller are You?


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Welcome to your What Kind of Traveller are You?




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Find out whether you're a Club Med princess or a lone backpacker
We’ve all got our own travelling style—some of can’t live without room service while others are go-it-alone backpackers. Take our quiz and find out which trekking technique suits you best. Bon voyage!
Your dream vacation sees you...
In heaven, everyone speaks...
The main reason to travel is always...
Gadget you cannot live without on vacation...
You're in a foreign country and someone invites you to dinner. What do you do?
Your hotel room has ants, a lumpy mattress, and there's no hot water:
You won't travel without...
Before you die, you want to see...
Vacation cocktail of choice...
Travel health insurance is...
Travelling alone: would you do it?
Your next vacation?

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