Quiz: What’s Your Skin Type?



Welcome to your What\'s Your Skin Type?

The starting point for a good beauty routine

It’s common knowledge that taking good care of your skin is essential for a smooth complexion, and to make sure you age as gracefully as possible. But with all the different skincare products on the market today, and new ones coming out almost on a monthly basis, how do you find the appropriate ones for you? Well ladies, it all starts with knowing what type of skin you have. Is yours normal, oily, dry, or combination? Answer these simple questions and find out!

You get up in the morning and splash your face with water. How does your skin feel afterwards?
After washing your face, you look in the mirror...to find a great, big, red pimple on your face. How often does this happen to you?
You lean in a bit closer to the mirror; what do you notice?
It is now midday and you take a bathroom break. While washing your hands, you glance at yourself in the mirror. How is the condition of your skin?
Over the weekend, you are crashing at a friend's place and end up using her facial cleanser (meant for normal skin). Afterwards, your skin feels...

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