Quiz: What’s Your Style Age?



Welcome to your What’s Your Style Age?

Does your style age match your true age? Does it need to? Well that’s up to you. Olsen invites you to take this quiz to find out.
When I look in the mirror I think I look:
Despite my actual age and how I think I look I feel like I am:
I think the world perceives me as:
My favourite cut of jeans is:
At this stage in my life I am most comfortable in:
I last significantly changed my style of dress:
I feel great about my age:
I am comfortable disclosing my age:
I wish I was:
I feel I dress:
What is your favourite fabric?
Which piece of jewelry are you most likely to wear?
What’s your favourite type of footwear?
What length are most of your skirts/dresses?

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