RIDM : Montreal’s documentary festival’s unforgettable 20th anniversary


As we wrap up another year of film festivals and cultural celebrations, the RIDM celebrates its 20th anniversary with what seems to be the best edition of the fest so far. With over 140 documentaries from 47 countries, including many homegrown and ‘Québécois’ pieces, this year’s Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal is Montrealers’ chance to dive into a world of realism.

From November 9th to 19th, movie theatres across the city will be showcasing international documentaries and are completely open to the public. From sociopolitical commentaries to a range of stunning cinéma vérité pieces, both heart wrenching and family-friendly screenings feature on this year’s lineup.

Bande-annonce RIDM 2017 / RIDM 2017 Teaser from RIDM on Vimeo.

For cinephiles, the RIDM is also a way to connect with their favorite artists. Through master classes and discussions organized by the board, audiences are given the chance to meet the filmmakers behind their new favorite films. The interactive activities allow for a better understanding of the compelling films, especially with the rise of films inspired by political conditions across the world.

The documentary genre is in constant renewal, and the RIDM has captured its evolution throughout the years. For its 20th anniversary, the festival will be showing a free film a day, commemorating some of its history’s best hidden gems. Leviathan (2012) and S.P.I.T. (2001) are among many other films that will be shown at venues across the city, free of charge.

For more information and a list of the schedule and the screenings, visit the RIDM website.

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