Riviera Cancun, a New Mexican Paradise


In between two paradisial destinations, a third one is currently being built. Midway between Riviera Maya and Cancun, a new resort is in the process of being developped. There are only a few hotels located in Riviera Cancun at the moment, including the Royalton, that opened a little bit less than a year now. The desination interests you? Read the following.


After visiting a few all-included hotels in my life, the Royalton is definitely one of the most luxurious ones I’ve stayed at. The marble floors cover the entirety of the hotel, and the hints of white mix well with the glass decorations and modern touches, which give the area an overall royal look. The wedding venue offers a 360 view of the ocean. The hotel is huge and offers more than 800 rooms for its visitors.


Many bedroom categories are offered, some even offering access to a private pool on the terrace. Others are bigger, with in-room kitchens and a gorgeous view of the water. The Hideaway section is another special section, exclusively for adults. A calm and zen area to relieve you from your stressful lives, what else do you need? Do you feel like a vacation is much needed?

The interior of the bedrooms will not disappoint you either. The bathrooms are modern and add a little something to this 5 star hotel. Although the beach seems to have a slight seaweed problem, its bali beds, its comfortable chairs and its on-demand service make up for it. Here, we get fresh towels, good drinks and a ceviche to make the good times last longer. If you want to relax, this is the place.

The huge pools offer bars in the centre and half-submerged chairs, perfect for taking breaks. Families can also find what they need in the children’s area, where slides and water games will amuse the kids. They can also visit the Kid’s Club, a centre that offers activities for everyone and will welcome your kids day and night. It is impossible to forget about the spa, with its dreamy massages and its water circuits.


Now, let’s talk about the important things: food! Being a huge epicurean, it is sometimes hard for me to say that the food in a resort like this is perfect, because food from the South isn’t for me. However, the Royalton impressed me with its 9 sit-down restaurants, its diverse buffet and also its café that offered gelatos and cappucinos to go. A village? Seemed like it!


My favorite would have the be the OPA, the Greek restaurant that had the best fried cheese I’ve had. The Japanese restaurant, with its gorgeous decor also did not disappoint. Steak amateurs will find what they need at the Hunter Steakhouse. The wine selection will not leave you unsatisfied, with its long list including Beaujolais and Barbera-Piedmont. The bars make excellent mojitos and the prosecco of the area will make you forget about your problems in a heartbeat.


The club, although small, will entertain all the guests with its trendy atmosphere and popular music. I did however prefer spending a night in the theatre, where for the first time, american humorists performed. Ryan Hamilton, Pete Corrale and Ben Seidman made the crowd laugh in the midst of the Just For Laughs festival, which occurred last November. The festival happens twice a year, so mark your agendas!


I’ll end this by thanking Sunwing, the airline that specializes in sunny destinations. The planes are comfortable (and spacious!) and the snacks are included. Next time you plan a trip in the South, just know that paradise does exist.

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