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4 styles that we cherish
Each one of us on the editorial team went on the hunt for the perfect summer sandal. One we want to wear at all times, perhaps even to take with us to a deserted island. And here they are! Which one would you pick?

For Marie-Andrée

mag_FASHIONI could tell you that I dream of this sandal. That I would love to offer it to myself. However, that would be a lie, due to the simple fact that I already bought it two weeks ago! It has just the right heel height to elongate the legs, all the while being the perfect shoe to wear from morning to night. Yep, I wear it daily, without restraint!

Topshop Florentine Strap Sandals, $90 at Hudson’s Bay stores and online.

For Marie-Pier

mp_FASHIONThis sandal, elegant and versatile, will very likely be our best friend this summer. Its all-around look, with the adorable knots in the front, will marry oh-so nicely with our favourite summer dresses. And our more chic side will pair them with a print loose trouser, or even leggings with leather detailing. This is clearly the start of a beautiful friendship…

Zara Knotted High Heel Sandals, $49.90 in stores and online.

For Vicki

vivki_FASHIONIn the summer, something comfy and stylish usually does the trick when it comes to the footwear we choose. While seemingly not too extravagant at first—a flat sandal with gladiator straps—the pop of red as well as the animal print definitely elevates this shoe to the sartorial essential for this season.

Le Chateau Leather-Like Gladiator Sandals, $59.95 in stores and online.

For Véronique

vero_FASHIONThe gladiator sandal? We’ve always been in love with it. But this year, it’s reached new heights! Going all the way up to the knee, it elongates our legs and adds a bit of Greek-goddess-chic to any outfit. It’ll go great with flowy skirts as well as denim shorts. A little bit imposing, you may think. But we say, dare to wear!

Aldo UMARELLE Sandal, $90 in stores and online.


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