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SANO: Genetics and Health


4_SANO_INTERNALWelcome to 2016, where it is finally possible to take charge of our health through genetics. Everyone nowadays knows the impact that a good diet has on our bodies, and finally, SANO is here to help us understand even more. The new health centre is linked to the Spa Saint-Jude, and aims to promote healthier lifestyles through good nutrition. Evaluating vitamin deficiencies by means of genetics? I’ve tested it!

The new clinic SANO offers various tests that can answer your questions concerning your health. Genetic metabolism tests – the one that I did was NutriQx -, micronutrients tests, food sensitivity tests -perfect to track a food intolerance-, hormonal balance, intestinal flora evaluation and even more. All these tests have one thing in common: taking care of our health. The clinic prones a preventive medecine that compliments traditional processes, but more importantly, it is adapted to everyone’s needs.


The test I followed was simple, and was done using a sample of my saliva. It takes a few weeks to get results, and in the meantime, you are invited to the clinic to meet up with a nutritrionist. She was there to give us tips on how to do our groceries wisely and choose healthier alternatives. She cleared a few myths up – for example, I realized that my healthy breakfast smoothie could be even healthier! I now try to limit the amount of fruits I put in my mix, and add in more vegetables and almond butter. We often forget that our diet has a direct impact on our health, on our energy level and on the diseases we can develop over time.

The third appointment was the one I had been waiting for: the test results. Although it is important to pay attention to the results, it is also important to not over-analyze and not overthink. It is why a doctor is present at the appointment, who is there to clear things up and help you dedramatize. I wasn’t surprised to find out that my caffeine tolerance was low. Even though I love coffee with all my heart, I can’t afford to let myself drink more than one a day, and the tests showed it. Because a lot of people in my family have celiac disease (gluten intolerance), it was also found in my genes.


I was also shown my nutritional deficiencies. For example, because I have a folate deficiency, I have to spend extra time in the greens section at the supermarket. This is probably related to my chronic fatigue, right?

Genetic tests can be very interesting for anyone who wants to improve their well-being. Actually, paying a little bit more attention to our nutrition is the key to a better health. I came out of this experience with all the information I need to achieve a healthier lifestyle and I recommend this type of treatment to everyone. You should expect a minimum of 1000$ for a particular test, and around 3000$ for a complete program. Visit the SANO clinic’s very detailed website to learn more about their services.

Watch the video below to learn about how genetics play a role in our health.


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