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Say Yes to Balance


It’s difficult to maintain balance in our busy world.  With so much pressure on us all the time, it is hard to find any time for yourself or focus on your overall wellness.  Balance comes from many different places.  There is emotional balance, intellectual balance, spiritual balance and of course balance in your health.  This is a big topic, and we cannot solve every problem, but what we want to do is give you some tips that may bring a little peace and harmony into your life.

Set Goals:

This may seem like it is adding more work to your already busy schedule, but it is about making sure that you are going to commit to living your best life and saying yes to you. Just one small goal to improve balance in each area of your life can make a big impact.

If your goal is emotional balance, for example, it can be as simple as carving out ten minutes a day to actually talk to someone that is meaningful to you.  Not text, talk.  When you connect with people that you love, you are deepening your support system.  Remember, goals are fluid, and if the goals that you set are met or do not make sense, you can always change them.

Make Time for Your Health:

We are always on the hunt for easy, fast solutions, but we all know it is as simple as being active regularly and eating a well-balanced diet.

If you are too busy for a full workout, try walking while you are doing errands or bike to work when the weather is nice.  If you struggle with your diet, try cooking and pre-packaging healthier meals once a week so that if you have a night at home or need to bring lunch to work, you have something more nourishing on-hand.  If your gut has been bothering you, talk to your doctor to see if a probiotic supplement may be right for you. koena, for example, can help you maintain your gastrointestinal health and may help support your overall wellness.  Best of all, there is a formula for you, and everyone in your family.

Find Time For Quiet:

We all need to re-charge our batteries, and quiet time is essential for this.  Whether it is meditating for a few minutes every day, writing in a gratitude journal every night or just sitting on your window seat and daydreaming, you need time for yourself to rejuvenate.

Let it Go:

Whether it is letting go of a grudge or decluttering your home, letting go of things that cause you stress is important to your well-being.

If it is your physical space that is overwhelming,  pick one room in your house every week and think about whether you need every object in it.  You may find that letting things go will create a more serene environment for yourself and your family.  As a bonus, the items you donate will go to people who will get more use out of something that is just taking up space in your home.

What tips do you have to help your fellow divinistas achieve balance in their lives?

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