Say Yes to Probiotics for a Month –

Say Yes to Probiotics for a Month


I decided to do a one-month experiment where I would say yes to everything.  It taught me a lot about relationships, taking chances and prioritizing my health and wellness.  You can read it here  One thing that I decided to do coming out of that challenge was to try a probiotic supplement for a month. My gastrointestinal health is important for my confidence and overall wellness, so I owe it to myself to find a probiotic that works for me. One month seemed like a reasonable amount of time to see some results and decide if I would continue to take them.  I did some research, spoke with a pharmacist and decided on koena’s Woman Daily Supplement.  It is vegan, non-GMO and features a select blend of probiotic strains carefully selected for women.

Most people, at one point, or another, will feel discomfort in their gut, and I am no different. When your gut feels off, you’re less likely to head out for a girl’s night, wake up early for a morning jog or slip on that special occasion dress. Why let your stomach hold you back? koena’s exclusive core blend works in harmony with your body with more than 30 billion Colony Forming Units (CFUs) and that is exactly what I was looking for.  The number of CFUs in the supplements is high to ensure that the micro-organisms are alive when they get to your gut.  With the right supplement in hand, it was time to start taking them.

I decided to take koena with my vitamins at breakfast, to make it part of my morning routine.  Now, I did not notice a difference on day one, and neither will you.  It actually took me a couple of weeks of consistently taking it to really notice the change.  It was gradual.  One day I was feeling better than I had in a while, but I could not figure out what was different. I wasn’t thinking about my gut at all, which I quickly realized was exactly the point! Taking a probiotic everyday means not worrying about your gut holding you back. I just purchased my second bottle of koena Probiotic Supplements – if I feel this good after 30 days, why mess with a good thing?

These opinions are my own.  Please consult with a health care professional before taking a supplement.

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