Sex During Pregnancy: What It’s Really All About –

Sex During Pregnancy: What It’s Really All About


Men’s attitude towards pregnancy has changed dramatically. They now want to be involved every step of the way. But while a man may want to understand what is happening and know everything there is to know about it, pregnancy will always bring up more questions.

Let’s talk about sex, shall we? Because he’s just as curious to find out just what happens (and what is going to happen) during your pregnancy as you are, below, here are some facts to help both of you know what to expect!

You may not feel like having sex…
Pregnancy puts your body through a lot, especially during the first trimester! Fatigue and morning sickness brought on by hormonal changes can affect your sex drive considerably, and desire takes a major hit! But that’s not all; add to these biological changes the concerns and questions that pull partners apart, the realization that the role of parent comes with a host of new responsibilities, the many fears you develop about your pregnancy as a whole…it adds up, doesn’t it? Pregnancy and pleasure don’t always go hand in hand. So what’s the golden rule? Respect yourself and go at your own pace, even when you’re in neutral!


Or, you may want to go all night long…
Bursting with femininity during the second trimester, mothers-to-be are generally more fulfilled and feel comfortable with the changes in their body, which can help boost their desire for intimacy. While those pesky hormones can bring some women down, others experience just the opposite: they are positively giddy! Also, did you know that it’s easier to reach orgasm during pregnancy? Genital tissues swell up due to increased blood flow and become more sensitive to the touch (what doctors call vasocongestion), and as such, become more receptive to stimulation. Why not take full advantage of the situation?

Rarely is sex harmful to the baby during pregnancy
If your pregnancy is progressing without a hitch, don’t hold back and enjoy! What will be your biggest concern? Getting in a comfortable position. Thankfully, the human body is far from shoddily built; the powerful muscles of the uterus as well as amniotic fluid protect the fetus against shock while the mucus plug located at the entrance of the cervix acts as a barrier against bacteria. When you reach orgasm, a hormonal cocktail is released, which then causes uterine contractions that cradle your baby while you’re flying high. Lovely, isn’t it?

There are other ways to reconnect…
Sex and sexuality are two different things! If you’re not up for the former, or if you’re experiencing a diminished sex drive, why not have fun finding other creative ways to express your love for your partner? Each woman and each pregnancy is different. That’s why it’s important for partners to get through this period together, and communicate healthily and responsibly.

Now, calling all mothers: how are you experiencing or have you experienced sex and intimacy during pregnancy?

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