Shona Vertue: the New Yoga Sensation! –

Shona Vertue: the New Yoga Sensation!


Last week, I was invited to Toronto to meet Shona Vertue, the yoga teacher to celebrities including David Beckham, that everybody is raving about. Shona, originally from Australia, was in town to teach members of the media a Power Yoga technique: The Vertue Method, in collaboration with Winners. Much more than a workout, it is primarily a lifestyle. Why are we so fond of this fitness enthusiast with a perfect hair, and dream body? Because she is very inspiring.

A post shared by Shona Vertue (@shona_vertue) on

A post shared by Shona Vertue (@shona_vertue) on

She advocates a healthy diet, and puts a big emphasis on self-love and self-respect. She firmly believes that we must stop focusing on getting a perfect body, and rather aspire to be happy in our own skin. She believes feeling energetic and fit is key!  Her Instagram account is full of beautiful pictures of food, extravagant yoga poses and short training videos, inspiring us to eat well and be active every time we look at her feed!

A post shared by Shona Vertue (@shona_vertue) on

A post shared by Shona Vertue (@shona_vertue) on

So what’s the Vertue Method? A technique that combines meditation, Vinyasa yoga, HIIT as well as Glutes training. I have tested it, and I can say that this is energizing, relaxing and demanding all at the same time! I enjoyed my experience so much that I started to follow her online (her YouTube account is filled with great  training videos!). She wrote a book where she demonstrates the Vertue technique and offers some yummy and healthy recipes! I’ll leave you with little shopping inspiration from Winners. Take a look and tell us what are the training techniques that you prefer?


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